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Hirofumi Daiguji (Short CV)

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Associate Professor

Wei-Lun Hsu (Short CV)

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In comparison with their bulk values, molecules possess unique transport properties in confined nanospace, allowing for the possibility of future technologies and applications. In this regard, we study transport phenomena of water, ions and biomolecules at the nanoscale driven by different types of chemical potential to explore unidentified physical phenomena via both theoretical and experimental approaches. Built upon acquired knowledge from our fundamental research, we propose prototypes of next generation systems for energy-related and medical purposes. Currently, we are working on the developments of desiccant-based dehumidifiers for air-conditioning applications and solid-state nanopore DNA sequencing devices using two-dimensional materials for precision medicine technology.

Project Research Associate

Jubair A. Shamim

Email: jshamim(at)

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As urged by Bill Gates in 2014, “The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready” and lessons learnt from on-going COVID-19 pandemics, humanity needs to be accoutred to fight against future events of outbreaks. Therefore, currently I am focusing on design and development of energy efficient and virus killing desiccant air-conditioning/ heat pump system for indoor air quality management using metal organic frameworks (MOFs), encapsulated phase change materials (EPCM) and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UGVI). In addition, investigating nanoscale heat transfer mechanism, developing energy efficient thermal management systems and their performance improvement by employing state-of-the-art discovery of nanoscale phenomena are also my key research interests.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gunjan Auti

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Postdoctoral Researcher

Paris Pasqualin

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Administrative Assistant

Shoko Shidara

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Graduate Students


Zhixuan Wang

Email: wangzx(at)

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Since transport phenomena through nanopore systems are important and have many different engineering applications, there are many studies on the transport of aqueous solution and particles in micro- and nanofluidic systems. Traditionally, electrokinetic methods are largely used in micro- and nanofluidic systems to induce electroosmotic as a pumping method. When we put a solid surface in an electrolyte solution, the interface often acquires a fixed net charge (positive or negative). The charged surface will lead to an electrical double layer (EDL) forming around the interface, thus some net charges in the solution near the solid surface. When we applied an electric field to the fluid, the electrostatic force on the net charges in the EDL will result in a movement of the net charges, thus an electroosmosis flow will be driven. Comparing with this pumping methods, a newly proposed Transport-Induced-Charge–based method not only has advantages in the pumping field, but also can be easily applied to nanopore systems for resistive pulse sensing. We are studying the electroosmotic pumping based on TIC theory. The results will be helpful in many engineering and biological applications, such as resistive pulse sensing, drug delivery, and nanofluidic battery.


Chun-Yen Lee

Email: chun.yen.lee(at)

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DNA sequencing is paramount momentous for developing novel treatments for cancers and vaccines for global pandemics. Hence, how to get precise results with unprecedented resolution will be indispensable technology for next-generation DNA sequencing. In this research, I will develop the technology to trigger surface plasmon of 2D materials to slow down the DNA migration speed to enhance the resolution with error-free sequencing results. Besides, understanding the nanofluidic behaviors with the application of 2D materials will be beneficial to optimize the sequencing results. My research covers multidisciplinary fields, includes materials science, biotechnology, and fluid dynamics.


Chien Hsu

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Fabio Boccamazzo

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Chewei Ou

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Ming-Hsuan Hu

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Takayuki Moriga

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Xinyi Cheng

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Jiang Hao

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Xiaoyong Wu

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Junnosuke Hasegawa

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Eita Fujino

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Jiahan Xu

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Haruhito Fujita

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Tomoyuki Watanabe

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Undergraduate Students


Wataru Jindai

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Shota Fukusawa

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Gojo Yonetani

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Yoshiki Imanaka

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Yuuki Oda

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Isato Kajikuri

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Nanami Yasui

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The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Dr. Fumio Takemura

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Dr. Akira Endo

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Dr. Tatsuya Ishii